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Can't Remove Trojan.Nebuler

Can't remove Spy axe

Can't remove Trojan.Vundo

can't remove pwsteal.trojan from MSplg7.dll

can't remove Trojan.Vundo as registry key

Can't Remove www.safesear.ch!

Can't remove all of Norton Antivirus - HJT log incl.

Can't Remove Virusbursters From Taskbar

can't remove link to http://runonce.msn.com/runonce2.aspx

Can't remove ISTsvc.exe?

Can't remove an animated wallpaper

can't remove Keygen-Acrobat

Can't Remove Start-Menu Icons (Vista Home 64-bit)

can't remove spylocked

Can't remove stupid Surf SideKick Spyware

Can't remove Antivirus 2009

Can't remove Ziggy TV toolbar and other malware

Can't remove Logitech Desktop Messenger using Add/Remove Programs

lr4 rock sliders

Can't remove New.Net

Can't remove w32.allim

Can't Remove Rootkit.TDSS and Trojan.DNSChanger

Can't remove NSSetup.exe?

Can't Remove "Suspicous Program" alert

can't remove zonebac virus

Can't remove "XP Home Security 2011" - possibly changed my admin settings

Can't Remove Tesllar A

Can't remove Conhook! HiJack This attached.

Can't remove Kazaa!?

can't remove sinowal trojan fake alert

Can't remove Outerinfo

Can't remove Trojan Horse Bho.x

Can't remove Smitfraud-C.CoreService

Can't remove CoolWebSearch from Registry.

Can't remove Win32/Fotomoto

Can't remove PC Antispyware 2010 from my computer!

Can't remove win32/opencandy with Microsoft security essentials.

Can't remove Trojan horse Downloader (svchost.exe)

Can't Remove Perflib_Perfdata_1a4.dat from temp file

Can't remove AcroIEHelper.dll

can't remove winantivirus2006 -- please help

perfect uninstaller

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